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Higher or Lower Maths Game

This is a really fun little maths game which is also great for improving your mental arithmetic.

It also introduces an important concept in maths - the relationship between different numbers, and that one number can be higher, lower or equal to another - those are the only three maths relationships between numbers you ever need to learn!

You are probably already familiar with the '=' sign to show two numbers that are equal. But there are two other maths relations you'll need with this game:

'>' shows that one number is greater than another

'<' shows that one number is less than another

These are called maths inequalities because they show inequality as opposed to equality. So you could say 5 > 3 and 3 < 5. The open and larger part of the symbol always points to the larger number - that's how to work out which is which!

In this puzzle, you will be given a sum on the left and a sum on the right. Your aim is work out whether the first sum is greater than, less than or equal to the sum on the right. We've thrown in some easy ones and some harder ones that will really get your brain thinking!

If you can master inequalities then it's a really useful part of your maths knowledge to have under your belt. Ready to play?


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