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Spot the Pattern Game

One of the tricky things in maths, but something that's really important is the ability to spot relations between numbers.

For instance, if you are given 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then you probably know without much thought that each number is the previous number, with one added on.

Things we can spot like that straight away without thinking are called 'intuitive'. But very often the relation between different numbers is hard to spot. For instance, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 - you will find the pattern, but it might take you a few seconds longer.

With each of these puzzles there is a 'pattern' that you need to identify that allows you to work out each number. Technically, each item in the list is called a 'term' and the overall list is called a 'sequence'.

We've got a range of these games where you need to spot the pattern. Sometimes there will be a constant difference between each term, and other times it will change... you might even have two different sequences threaded together or need to perform calculations on the items in the sequence to find the pattern.

Some are easy and some are much harder. Don't give up - these are great practice, and if you are a maths student at school you will probably come across these at some time and need to get better, so if you need to 'train your maths sequence skills' and spot those patterns, here's lots of great versions of this game to play.


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