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The Maths Percentage Test

Percentages and calculating percentages is something that it's very useful to be able to do. If you're unsure about percentages and what they are, first read our article on Dealing with percentages

Once you're happy with percentages and what they are, it's time to take the percentage challenge!

You will be given a percentage calculation to perform. Some will be simple whilst others will be quite tricky to perform in your head. However, practice makes perfect as they say, and the more you do, the better you will get.

Not only are these great practice at percentages, but more than that they are great mental exercise and help you with your speed maths and mental arithmetic.

Read enough about percentages and just want to take the test and amaze yourself with your mental process at calculating the results to these percentage questions? Thought so... it's time to take up this speed maths challenge!


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