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Speed Sum Finder

Speed Sum Finder will have you sweating to work out the right answer before the time is up!

This is a fun and simple challenge but one that you might just get addicted to!

All you need to do with the Speed Sum Finder challenge is calculate the numbers that will add up to a give total - hence "Sum Finder".

But that wouldn't be a challenge would it? There are two reasons why this is a very fiendish speed maths puzzle indeed!

Firstly, you are up against the clock. You have just thirty seconds to work out the solution.

Second, there is only one valid sum that can be performed to reach the target total, and we will also give you some 'red herring' numbers that aren't used in the sum you need to find. So you will need to work out which of the three numbers you need to calculate the target number given.

So, you might be asked to make a total of '100' using three numbers, but you will be given twelve different numbers. You will need all your maths skills and abilities and concentration in order to find the solution within the time!

If you get the answer right, then great - but if not, there are plenty more Speed Sum Finder puzzles to play!


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